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CHINAPLAS 2012 - Asia No.1 Fiera Internazionale di Plastica e Gomma
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Novita' degli espositori
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13/04/2012 KraussMaffei Berstorff presents special solutions for the Chinese market at the Chinaplas trade fair
13/04/2012 Reliable machine technology and innovative processes from KraussMaffei for the Chinese market
03/04/2012 CHINAPLAS to Sustain Vibrancy of China's Plastics Industry
Twelve Jebsen Industrial partners and principals will participate in
Asia's largest plastics and rubber trade fair
27/03/2012 New thickness online measure experts-laser thickness gauge
27/03/2012 Mica Corporation Introduces New Primers for Bonding Extruded Polypropylenes
27/03/2012 iCorona - Intelligent Corona Generators
27/03/2012 CHANGZHOU HENGCHENG PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. -- Block bottom valve sack
27/03/2012 Aromatic-base high-strength special nylon and modified ones
27/03/2012 WEIHAI JINHONG POLYMER CO.,LTD. -- Won a High Reputation in the Domestic and Overseas Markets.
27/03/2012 Automatic Non-woven Screen Printing Machine
27/03/2012 Leading Chinese industrial controller manufacturer -- LNC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
27/03/2012 ANSHENG WIRE MESH PRODUCT CO., LTD. – Filter Disc
27/03/2012 Opened an office in Shanghai to serve Chinese market
27/03/2012 HERZOG (CHINA) CO., LTD. specialized in the manufacture of nozzles and components
27/03/2012 Huaxin Machinery Co. Ltd. -- Specializes in design and production all kinds of plastic machines
27/03/2012 DMASS -- Magnetic-assisted Electric Contact Pressure Gauge
27/03/2012 ZHANGJIAGANG FAYGO UNION - Making good machine, Being good person
27/03/2012 Revolutionary Oil Cooled Servo Motor for Injection Molding Machine
27/03/2012 BLOOMINGBURG MACHINERY CO LTD - Two plate direct clamping injection molding machine
27/03/2012 DOUSH RUBBER INJECTION MACHINE - Efficiency And Economic Rubber Solutions
27/03/2012 Construction & Cleaning Process of Fluidized Bed Cleaning System (FBCS)
27/03/2012 Introduction of Solid Tungsten Carbide Screw Shaft
27/03/2012 Zhangjiagang Faygo Union Science Co.,Ltd Showcases Air Compressors
27/03/2012 Hot Stamping . Transfer Printing System Leader the World
27/03/2012 TENGXUAN TECHNOLOGY participates at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 The MC-Balance
27/03/2012 High Torque(9~12N.m/a3), High-Speed(1750rpm), High-Efficiency Co-Rotation Twin-Screw Extruders
27/03/2012 Nanjiang Hengao Machinery Co., Ltd Participates at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Luoyang Jianyuan Showcases 200 kinds of Processing Equipment
27/03/2012 Taiwanese New Particle Chemical Color Co Specializes in Color Masterbatches
27/03/2012 Titan Plastics – professional manufacturer of specialty Engineering Plastics Compounds
27/03/2012 Malaysian Colour Image Plastic Compound SDN BHD Participates at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Sustainable Resources - Plant Fibre
27/03/2012 Meilian Showcases PE, PP Products for Making Environmental Bio-Based Materials
27/03/2012 IDP-Inherently Dissipative Polymer
27/03/2012 The Plastic Foam Picture Frame Profile Production
27/03/2012 Taizhou Huangyan Showcases Precision & Sophisiticated Plastics Moulds parts
27/03/2012 Nexthermal delivers smart heat management to China with Engineering Services that optimize your application and equipment
27/03/2012 Breakthrough Surface Treatment For Difficult-to-bond Materials
27/03/2012 Zhejiang Hangyu Mould Co., Ltd - Mould Production Specialist
27/03/2012 ULTRASHOT-VI
27/03/2012 GC-heat - innovative heating elements from Germany
27/03/2012 The Next Generation of the Fully Automated Melt Indexer
27/03/2012 European Plastic Joint Stock Company Participates at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Plenty Polymer Group Commits to Making Plastic Engineering Plastics
27/03/2012 Nanjing Zhi Tian – Specialist of Double Screw Extrusion Machine Parts
27/03/2012 iwu Junyue Showcases HDPE Blown Film Machine, Striped Composite Film Blowing Machine
27/03/2012 DigiEye Non-Contact Colour Measurement System for Image and Color
27/03/2012 TOTANI original unique patented technology presents at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 TSM multi-blend at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Biolin Scientific announces the launch of Theta QC,

The first portable and standalone contact angle meter
27/03/2012 Dragonpower Electric – Expert in Industrial Heater Design and Manufacturing
27/03/2012 CMD Corporation (USA) introduces new bag and pouch converting technology at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 FEP Targets to Elevate the Added-Value of China Build up a life with quality.
27/03/2012 DAELIM Presents at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 IMCD (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
27/03/2012 Environmentally-Friendly Composite Materials Producer, CTS, at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Recycling plastics to achieve environmental-friendly, lower production cost and brand image enhancing.
27/03/2012 Coating Chemical TPU Hot-melt All Product Series
27/03/2012 Reverte Oxo-Biodegradable Technology
27/03/2012 TELKO – The Global Plastics & Chemical Distributor
27/03/2012 ELS Computerized Auto Rotogravure Printing Press (Individual Motors)
27/03/2012 Haoma Specializes in Designing, Developing and Manufacturing of Plastic Injection Mould
27/03/2012 Suzhou Mould Technology Co., Ltd. at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 PREVIERO N.. Showcases Wet Grinder for Film and Bottle Recycling
27/03/2012 Babyplast Micro-Injection Machine Gain Importance in Various Industries
27/03/2012 Deflashing Machine Leader at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Hotset Heating Elements (Suzhou) presents the complete product portfolio for the plastics industry at CHIANPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 PSG Plastic Service Group introduces user-adjustable Manifolds, along with new PSG remote service at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Inosol Provides Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions to Customers
27/03/2012 Chengdu Silike - Professional Silicone Additives Manufacturer in China
27/03/2012 Shanghai Weiyi specializes in researching, developing and producing high quality pigments
27/03/2012 The Leading Foamtech Manufacturer in Korea at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 Ningbo Donghao provides "One Stop Service" to customers
From mold design, process to plastic parts injection
27/03/2012 YOKE at CHINAPLAS 2012
27/03/2012 COMENS presents Low Cost Solvent Free Lamination Adhesive
27/03/2012 The Special cable harness expert - Suntek Automotion
26/03/2012 Pinguan's Leak Tester Exhibiting at CHINAPLAS 2012 to Serve Various Application Industries
26/03/2012 JANDI'S High Quality Machines Appears at CHINAPLAS's Stage
26/03/2012 Kunrun Machinery's SKB1000-SB Bag Making Machine Bring New Power for Packaging Industry
26/03/2012 Hi-MORE: the World Largest Leading Brand of Robotic Arm Manufacturer
26/03/2012 Special High Speed Extrusion Machine Set for Inside Inlay Cylinder Drip Irrigation Pipe Set
26/03/2012 Ninbo Tinjia Provides Economical and High Quality Panels and Plates/sheets Extruding Equipments for Building Industry
26/03/2012 MSA's Patented Wire Laying Systems Fit for Electrofusion Fittings Production
26/03/2012 Meech Established over 100 Years Gained Excellent Worldwide Reputation
26/03/2012 Gergonne's China Plant Offering High Quality Adhesive Solutions
26/03/2012 Starlinger Provides Technological Solutions for Flexible Woven Plastic Packaging and Plastics Recycling
26/03/2012 WEI LI's Machines: Pioneer to Sustainable Packaging
26/03/2012 TSRC's High-quality Rubber Raw Materials with Extensive Application on Various Industries
26/03/2012 LCY Group - One of the Leading Manufacturers of Thermoplastic Rubber and Polypropylene
26/03/2012 Yantai Wanhua's Innovative TPU Products at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Daikin Fluorochemicals: the First Foreign-capital Fluorochemical Producer in China
26/03/2012 HY-510580 Fully Automation Thermoforming Machine with Stacker
26/03/2012 Zhejiang Hongchang Machinery Provides Full Support on Soft Packaging Industry
26/03/2012 Pulian: Creating Demand-driven Value based on Considerations of Humanity
26/03/2012 Kinway Introducing Two Brand-new Servo Driver Products
26/03/2012 Meusburger: Your "One-stop Shop" Concentrating on Prompt Service and Top Quality
26/03/2012 Taiwan-owned Baihong Machinery with Abundant Experience in Plastics and Rubber Machine Production
26/03/2012 EWIKON Shows Hotrunner Solutions for Multi-cavity Applications in the Packaging and Medical Industry
26/03/2012 EAS Tailor-make Professional Automation Solutions for Plastic Injection Molding Industry
26/03/2012 Making injection moulding machine operation even easier and more efficient
The industrial multitouch operator panel from KEBA
26/03/2012 Atlas Launches New Technology Platform in Film Slitting & Rewinding at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Tailor-made solution for the customers
26/03/2012 2012 marks the Van Dam brand fiftieth anniversary!
26/03/2012 Simco-Ion Introduces Innovative Static Control Solutions
26/03/2012 RECENT Recycling Machinery At CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 IFW - A World Leader In Producing Tool For Manufacturing Plastic Fittings
26/03/2012 EREMA - Specialist in Plastics Recycling
26/03/2012 ANDRITZ Biax: Leading producer of technology and equipment
for the production of biaxially oriented plastic films
26/03/2012 Anti-static TPEs products from Nantong Polymax Elastomer Technology
26/03/2012 Supreme Technic Package at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Quick Mold Change System for injection/ die casting machine from Sandsun
26/03/2012 DIPO PLASTIC at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Continent Machinery Industries Participate at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Moldex3D -- The Ultimate Choice for Mold Designers and The Best Partner of Plastics Industry
26/03/2012 Ann Tong Industrial at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Thomas Co., Ltd at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Pipe fitting molds and daily article injection molds specialist ----- Yuyao zhizhuo moulds & plastics co.,ltd
26/03/2012 Jichenglong Plastic Mould at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Jichenglong Plastic Mould at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 Termostampi's Innovations
26/03/2012 UNION at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 MOSS -- "High Speed" Cap Printer
26/03/2012 Macchi - Multi Layer Film Coextrusion
26/03/2012 Modula – The New Auto-adaptive Central Drying System from PIOVAN
26/03/2012 SOFTAL Corona & Plasma GmbH at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 New Mini-Compounder KETSE 12/36 At Brabender?
26/03/2012 RAMPF at CHINAPLAS 2012
Material and machine technology "from a single source"
26/03/2012 XBLOW - new range of BEKUM machines completed
26/03/2012 Loss-In-Weight Feeders From Brabender Technologi
26/03/2012 HANS WEBER Maschinenfabrik GmbH at CHINAPLAS 2012
26/03/2012 DORNIER With Recurring Presence At CHINAPLAS Exhibition
29/02/2012 Auxiliary Equipment & Auto Feeding System Displayed by YUDO at CHINAPLAS 2012
29/02/2012 Super High Speed Flexography Printing Machine
Adopts Newly Design Features
29/02/2012 Wuxi K-Tron Colormax Present its Feeding Solution
29/02/2012 Wittmann Battenfeld to Release New Products at CHINAPLAS 2012
29/02/2012 LG Chem Products Cater for Various Aspects of Daily Life
29/02/2012 Conair Features New Drying Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2012
29/02/2012 China's Biggest Screws & Cylinders Makers for Plastics Machine
29/02/2012 SCANTECH Targets at Asian Market at CHINAPLAS 2012
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