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아시아 최고의 플라스틱 및 고무 산업 박람회
2012년 4월 18-21일
중국 상하이
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특별 홍보 기회
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Advertising counts for Success.

A good advertising strategy leads the way to success. Whether indoor or outdoor, printed material or online sponsorships, take the opportunity of promoting your company and products beyond the confines of your booth!

Great things about CHINAPLAS extra promotional opportunities :
Allow Effective corporate / brand image promotion
Capture visitors attention
Guide visitors to your booth
Differentiate your company from thousands of exhibitors

CHINAPLAS 2012 offers you diversified promotion channels to reinforce your marketing strategy. In this brochure, you can get a variety of marketing tools to suit your specific needs.

Extensive advertising includes:
Sponsorships (S1-S10)
10 Sponsorships packages target all kinds of pre-show & onsite promotion. They are effective channels especially for brand & corporate image promotion in order to capture immediate attention of targeted buyers before others do.

Click to view our packages!

Onsite Advertising (A0-A13)
Prime locations of diversified onsite advertising can make you stand out from over 2,000 exhibitors by displaying your product & company message. They are good ways to show your presence at the show to visitors.

Click to view our items!

Print Media (P1 - P6)
Every year, hundred thousands of publication copies are established to provide show information and updates to the industry. Advertising through print media can gain higher exposure to readers as to promote your latest technologies.

Click to view our publications!

Online Promotion Opportunities
Advertising through online channels is very cost-effective and far-reaching in the era of electronic world nowadays. Different programs are offered in www.ChinaplasOnline.com to keep you competitive among all exhibitors!

Click to view our programs!

Price List
All costs are summarized in below file to help you do budgeting for your own promotional strategy!

Click to view the price list!

Overall Layout
An all-in-one overall layout of the venue reveals onsite advertising items to give you a full picture of their relative locations!

Click to view the floorplan!

사전 등록 참관객
myChinaplas is a free online service for all CHINAPLAS pre-registered visitors. It can assist all pre-registered visitors to select the most potential business partners, exhibitors and formulate a visiting route. myChinaplas will organize a printable personal visiting guide with the above information for the users.
(The service will be available in January 2011)
Business Matching
Online Business Matching is an online service for all CHINAPLAS pre-registered visitors and Exhibitors. You can enjoy the most efficient and effective way of suppliers' sourcing by inputting your interested product categories.
(The service will be available in January 2011)
Exhibitors please login to access the following materials / services:
  • Exhibitor's Manual
  • Order Forms
  • e-Invitation
  • Online Business Matching
Please contact us to retrieve exhibitor's login name and password.
Space Application for CHINAPLAS 2013
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